goku Hey kid trunk wanna see a magic trick

Kid trunk sure

Goku pull out a magic wand and turn kid trunk into an ant

Goku step on the ant kid trunk killing him in the process

Goku well kid trunk goes now for bulla

Bulla is hanging out with her as usual until Goku show up

Hey my name Goku Goku said to bulla friend Goku point a energy blast to bulla friend telling them if they don't leave I will kill you in y'all sleep bulla friend ran away crying

Bulla Goku why you did that for

Goku cause I gotta do something very important with you

Bulla like what

Goku this Goku blast a energy blasts turn bulla into a hippo Goku show hippo bulla a mirror of what Goku turn her into bulla ran away crying

Ngoku now Vegeta

Vegeta is outside training when Goku use a spell an hypnosis vegeta

Goku now Vegeta I command you to fly into the sun vegeta fly into the sun and end up dying In the process

Goku yes now time to fuck bulma

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